5 Reasons Your Vape Might Taste Burnt and How to Fix It

5 Reasons Your Vape Might Taste Burnt and How to Fix It

No matter what type of vape you use, there can be an occasional unpleasant sensation that almost every vaper has experienced at one time or another. It’s the sensation of having an unpleasant burnt taste when puffing, which overpowers the delicious taste of your fragrant e-liquid and makes you wonder what I’m doing wrong. 

The good news is that regardless of the type of device, a burnt taste doesn’t mean your vaping is over, so thankfully don’t throw it in the trash and pick up cigarettes just yet!

Reasons why your vape tastes burnt

Now for 5 reasons why your vape might taste burnt even with a new coil.

1. Your vaporizer has not had time to soak

If you have installed a new coil, I highly recommend first moistening it before you are about to fill the tank, and let it soak a little (you need to give it a few minutes to do this). Do not pour a lot, just a few drops.

If this is not done, then the cotton around the coils may remain dry, and it burns oh so well.

A new coil is easy to burn. This is because the wick essentially wets your coil during vaping, which somehow helps in regulating its operating temperature. If the cotton is not sufficiently impregnated, this can result in overheating of the spiral wire and its burnout.


Follow the steps to thread the coil:

1.Fill the e-liquid.

2. Shake the tank and turn it up and down several times during the soaking period to make sure that all the air pockets are out of it.

3. Close the airflow as much as possible.

4. With the mod off ( again: don’t press the “fire” button ), take a few “dry” puffs to draw the liquid into the coils.

5.Wait 5 minutes before vaping.

2. You were vaping too high

I have one particular mod that I love to vape on, it has a huge touch screen that I always forget to lock, and I often get “facepalm” when I accidentally touch the screen, either turn the power down too low or pile it on .

As a result, I ruined more than one good spiral. Some, fortunately, I was able to save with the help of deep cleaning.

In fact, the first thing you should do when you taste burnt is check your mod to make sure you haven’t accidentally increased the power.


On the packaging of your vape, or on the side of the coil itself, you should find the recommended wattage range for it. Do yourself a favor and stick to this range while vaping. It’s printed there for a reason.

When we vape at a power too high for our evaporators, the liquid in the evaporator pack evaporates faster than it can absorb, causing the cotton to dry out and burn.

When we have just installed a new coil or coil, we should “break in” it after threading and soaking, starting at the lower end of the power range, taking 4-5 puffs. We increase the power in steps of 5 watts until we reach the upper limit of the evaporator power range.

If you have loaded your coil so that the cotton is burned, the only viable solution is a thorough cleaning or replacement of the coil/wick. Otherwise, it is unlikely that it will completely get rid of the singed aftertaste.

3. You’ve been soaring too much

There are cases when it is simply necessary: ​​anxiety, alcohol, bought a good new e-liquid – all these things, as you know, just provoke you to soar more and longer.

When you overheat your tank while vaping for a long time, the liquid also overheats and becomes more fluid. Because of this, it evaporates too quickly, and the evaporator does not have time to be saturated by the time of the next puff. As a result, you draw in a delicious charcoal smell with notes of burnt newspaper and a slight aroma of burning socks. Not very subtle and not very nice.


Keep an eye on the temperature of your tank, it should never be more than lukewarm to the touch.

4. You are not using the correct VG/PG ratio for your coil.

The size of your coil and its power range actually dictate the PG/VG ratio you should be using.

Propylene glycol or PG is the more fluid of the two fluid components, and the lower the recommended vaporizer capacity, the higher the PG percentage should be.

The dimensions of the wick holes on the sides of your coil will tell you if it needs more VG or more PG. If they are larger, then you need more VG, if less, then more PG.

Vaping too much VG on small coils can cause your wick to burn out because the liquid was too thick to get into the tiny wick holes in time.


The simplest advice is that more than 50% VG is best used only on devices with a power of more than 30 watts.

5. Your wick or winding is clogged

E-liquids with a high content of dyes, nicotine, or sweeteners can clog the winder with constant use.

While we don’t condone e-liquids that caramelize in the evaporator and ruin your coils, some of them may be too good to pass up.


If using a lighter liquid isn’t an option for you, you’ll need to rinse your coils regularly to not only prevent a burnt taste from developing, but also to keep the coils from “coppering”.

If the moment is missed, only the replacement of coils and cotton wool will help. Just don’t forget how to properly prime and pre-soak your vaporizer after cleaning or maintenance (see first point)!

I hope all of the above has helped you answer the question why your vape tastes like burnt. It really comes down to prevention and a good vaping culture. We wish you a delicious vaping!

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