How to smoke disposable electronic cigarettes?

How to smoke disposable electronic cigarettes?

The electronic is designed for a one-time use, therefore it has a simple design and is extremely easy to steam. However, like any other electronics, it requires the implementation of simple principles of safe use.

1. Be sure to store your cigarettes in a place that is not exposed to extreme temperatures. The lithium-ion battery that powers all devices is very unstable to overheating.

2. Do not ignore the name “disposable”, which did not appear in vain. No need to be inspired by Internet life hacks about the possibility of recharging the battery or e-liquid. As practice shows, such manipulations very often have a not very rosy and successful ending. Still, the purchase of an ordinary box mod will be a simpler and safer option than risky experiments with a non-separable design.

3. Vapes are launched with a puff, but are connected to power all the time. Avoid hitting the device and contact with water.

4. Dispose of once like other lithium-ion batteries.

5. Blocking the air duct during use may cause the electronics to burn out. In almost all vape models, it is located below.

Every vapers sooner or later faces a problem when a red light starts flashing on the device. A blinking light on a disposable e-cigarette means the end of e-liquid or the battery is completely discharged. However, in rare cases, such a nuisance happens with just purchased e-cigarettes. We do not recommend vaping such devices with factory defects.

The article contains the most important rules for the safe use of disposable cigarettes. By following them, you can safely vape and be sure that you are doing everything for the maximum service of the device. Disposables have long been a great alternative for e-cigarette users who value simple and convenient devices.

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