How to choose a vape liquid: Tips for beginners

How to choose a vape liquid: Tips for beginners

If you have finally decided to say goodbye to disposables in order to get to know the new hand-filled vaping device better, then you will not only not regret this choice, but also consider it the best decision that concerns the vaping industry.

Even if you did not use a pre-charged device for long, it is worth knowing that you did not get the full range of satisfaction from delicious vapor clouds. Firstly, this was influenced by a limited choice of flavors (some countries generally offer only tobacco and menthol flavors). And producing pre-filled devices with dozens of different flavors is just not possible, unlike the huge range of bottled e-liquids. Secondly, an important advantage of refillable devices is that e-liquid bottles cost several times less, if we take the price per 1 ml, compared to pre-filled pods and cartridges.


If you have not smoked before, it is better to take a nicotine-free e-liquid. Those who decide to give up and overcome nicotine addiction should choose a fortress for themselves from a number of e-liquids, in which the nicotine content ranges from 1 mg to 24 mg. Then you can gradually reduce the fortress and completely switch to nicotine-free options.

As for the selection of strength for the average vapers, you should pay attention to the type of evaporator and the usual power. Simple “electronic cigarettes” are great friends with strong liquids (from 6 to 12 mg). Such devices produce vapor in a small amount, so to get the right portion of nicotine, take a stronger e-liquid, or vape longer and more persistently. Powerful atomizers need 1-3 mg of nicotine.

Varieties of nicotine

The taste experience is highly dependent on the type of nicotine used in the e-liquids. Let’s talk a little about their options.

The advantage of classic (alkaline) nicotine lies in the specific sensation of impact – nicotine “throat”. 

Salt nicotine is created by mixing with acids. The vast majority of products use benzoic. This type of nicotine is most often produced for sub-systems.

Mixed into a mixture of alkaline and salt nicotine is called hybrid. This formulation managed to provide saturation, similar to “heavy” salt liquids, and a reduced concentration of salt nicotine.

The ratio of ingredients

The PG/VG ratio is influenced by the device used and personal preference. However, the generally accepted 50/50 mix ratio is incredibly common and popular. Many manufacturers of e-liquids prefer to produce 50/50 because they are more in demand.

It is important to know! The more VG (glycerol), the larger the vapor clouds and the thicker the liquid, and the higher the PG (propylene glycol) value, the richer the taste and not so thick liquid. Decide what is more important: the intensity of taste or the amount of vapor.

Flavors of liquids

Undoubtedly, you should rely solely on your taste and personal feelings. Again, we advise you to try and find your own. Over time, there will definitely be favorites, and even a favorite!

To make life easier and save your time, we have compiled a list of the most popular options:

  • fruits and berries: (pineapple, strawberry, blueberry, lemon, etc.)
  • tobacco (pure and with additives);
  • refreshing (menthol and mint mixes);
  • bakery;
  • needles;
  • milk;
  • drinks (cola, lemonade, energy drinks).

The fluid can be natural or synthetic. Read the composition and take into account the nuances.

If you are allergic to any product, it is better not to take a liquid with such a taste.

Buying a vape liquid is now not at all difficult, because you have read the tips from experienced vapers. Our website presents a huge selection of vape liquids in UAE from domestic and foreign manufacturers. All products have quality certificates. Thanks to the abundance of a range of flavors, choosing a liquid for your (even the most daring) wishes is as easy as shelling pears! Make the right choice and enjoy the art of soaring!

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